Vicius Albarino Barrique

Grape varietal: 100% Albarino

Tasting notes: Lemon yellow color with golden hues.

The nose presents a very pleasant aromatic intensity, where the fruit aromas of the albariño grapes intermingle with the new aromas provided by its aging in barrels, such as the sweetness of vanilla, the mild toasted aroma of coffee, or even coconut.

The mouth is ample and dense, with an integrated acidity and a lengthy persistence that turn its aftertaste into a lingering memory.

Food pairing: Albarino by essence is a very versatile wine. By aging it in oak, it adds complexity and robustness that can accompany hearty dishes.

Awards: Voted the best Albariño D.O. Rías Baixas in barrel by Acio Prata Catas de Galicia 2020