Polkura Syrah

Grape varietal: 98% Syrah, 2% Viognier

Winemaker’s comments: Observing the weather patterns of the year, we decided to begin the harvest a little earlier than normal. The reasoning was that we suspected rainy harvest season was coming. We couldn’t have made a better decision. At the time the rain began, we already had 85% of the grapes in the winery, and were able to bring the rest in just a few days later. For Polkura, 2016 gave us excellent quality. In general, the flavors are fresh with pronounced acidity. Originally, this wine was 100% Syrah, something that hadn’t happened since the first harvest in 2004. Then a lost lot of Cabernet Sauvignon appeared, and we began a few trials to use it. It was like starting all over again. In the end, we decided to use 3% in the blend.

Tasting notes: Intense red-violet in color. Lots of red fruit and some pepper on the nose. The wine is well-balanced on the palate between the acidity and the fruit. It’s a fresh wine with a persistent finish, medium-high intensity, well-pronounced body and complexity.